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Information for advertisers.

The system GreenVisits provides an effective ways of advertising of your site.

At the moment we offer three types of advertising in the Internet:

1) Purchase of visitors to the site. Link to your website will be posted on the page Before entering the site users of system are seeing the name of the link, its an element of contextual advertising, hence the effect of the transition is significantly higher than in the case of displaying sites in the surfing mode (one after another). Moreover, the payment is performed only for confirmed unique visitors of the website where the user spends on a site not less than 30 seconds and then correctly enters the result of a protective captcha with a random number. However, links to the sites are displayed also for guests of the system (if desired for some sites this option is possible to remove), these kind of visits are not paid. Cost for each confirmed visit is starts from 0.25 cents (2.5 dollars per 1000 visitors). The advertiser has an opportunity to place the cost of visits, more expensive links are displayed on the site higher and receiving a visible higher number of visits per day.

2) Paid letters to the users of the system. Works well if you want to describe in detail the proposed product or service. Letters are sent only to the email addresses validated by the system. Payment is done only for the confirmed visits for a given time (at least 7 days from the date of mailing). Confirmed are visits made by users of the system during the term of dispatch, and the user must spend on the site specified period of time (15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds) and after that to enter the correct result with a protective captcha with a random number. The cost of mailing is only from 0.5 cents for the confirmed letter (5 dollars for 1000 letters).

3) Paid tasks for users of the system. Works well if advertisers are required certain tasks to be done. This might be a relatively simple tasks (visit website, registration, information retrieval, etc) and more complex (such as writing text, setting links, website creation, etc). The advertiser assigns the cost of the job and has the ability to check the job, respectively, as a result of accepting, rejecting or sending the job to completion. The cost of each job can be set up by advertising and starts only from 1 cent (plus commission of the system). The more expensive tasks are in the higher positions and attracting more attention of users, thus more actively completed.

Please be advised that your sites and tasks must conform to the rules of the system. If you have any questions regarding the requirements for sites or tasks, please contact us.

We provide a detailed statistic on work with the system. You can start to use the service immediately after registration. A deposit in the system is available through payment system paypal, Western Union and bank wire.

In order to start work with the system please login or register.
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