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Terms of the service of GreenVisits

Terms related directly to the users.

- Anyone can register in the system, regardless of age or country of residence;
- By registering, you will be able to register your site(s) to participate in the free exchange of visits, or as well you can order paid advertising;
- Upon registration of new sites or changing all of the pages are manually reviewed to comply with the terms of the system, but you can start earning money with system immediately after registration;
- Dublicate registrations are not permitted, its allowed to have only one account in the system;
- Its not allowed to use any program that simulates a human activity;
- We can not guarantee support for very special browsers and outdated versions of popular browsers;
- By registering at GreenVisits you agree visitors from the system will come to your site;
- Its allowed to advertise the system with any legal way. SPAM is strictly prohibited;
- GreenVisits reserves the right to regularly check your resources and the system can terminate the relationship with any user at any time without explanation;
- If we find any users trying to cheat the system or its advertisers, we will process the ban of the given user, and money from such accounts will be returned to the advertisers;
- The services of GreenVisits are provided in the format "as is". We are not responsible for the acts or omissions relating to the system, which may bring any losses to the user, except for an option when advertisers are purchasing services from the system, but even in this case, the amount of claims could not be higher than the amount paid by the advertisers;
- The system reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notice. For those users who are registered prior of the new edition, the old rules apply within 30 calendar days since change of the terms;
- GreenVisits has all rights to the name GreenVisits, logos, software, databases, records and information - all the materials presented on this site

Only resources in English language are accepted for participating into the system.

We do not accept sites:
- With pornographic content, that has violence or any other material that considered as vulgar or illegal;
- Which removing frames;
- Which opens additional windows (popups);
- Which are making any manipulations with parent window (for example, changing of size);
- We do not accept sites which are redirecting visitors;

If you breach any of the above terms of the system, we reserve the right to remove your site from the system, or to block your account.
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