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GreenVisits system provides a unique opportunity to promote your site by placing links in the appropriate section of our website. Payment is carried out for confirmed visits on your website.

Advertising is processed in a following way: when you add the site, you assign a price for each visit (from 0.25 cents per click). Also you have the opportunity to customize various settings, including restrictions (general, per days and hours), location and uniqueness of visits (from 1 to 7 days). The users of system view your site on this page and receive payment for each confirmed visit. Users must be on your site no less than 30 seconds and then to confirm the visit by selecting the correct number of several proposed.

Please note that:
1) You add the site to the appropriate category, and each time the user passes the link with text written by advertiser.
2) You have the ability to assign the cost of visit, creating the optimal balance between the number of visits and your budget.
3) You are assigning a term of uniqueness of visits, geo targeting, and other restrictions.
4) There are no any restrictions on the minimum number of visits. You can always order even just one (1) visit. You can stop the advertising campaign at any time. Money for visits are taken from the account balance by the fact of visits on your site, this means that, firstly, you do not need any kind of "pre-purchase" of visitors, and secondly, once you can customize an advertising campaign in the future, only to deposit funds in the system to keep advertising campaign active.
5) Your link is shown to unauthorized visitors of our site as well. However, visits of unauthorized users are not counted by the system and are not paid.

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